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“Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.” – Psalms 127:3 KJV

Thank you for visiting Help Children in Care, LLC. Help Children in Care, LLC is dedicated to supporting children in the care and control of the Department of Child Safety (DCS), their parents, and their relatives who may be placement for them. Help Children in Care, LLC is concerned with the high number of children in the foster care system and wants to see the number decrease tremendously by advocating for parents and relatives to utilize community resources in order to get their loved ones out of the foster care system. Help Children in Care, LLC also wants to see parents make the necessary behavioral changes in order for them and their children to thrive in the community. We are a non-governmental organization committed to helping families stay together, if at all possible. We utilize sponsors and personal donations in order to meet the financial goals needed to advocate for these families. Therefore, we hold our sponsors and those who give toward our financial goals in high esteem for sharing our desire and commitment to the children in DCS care and their families. We also hold our volunteers in high esteem for helping these families and their community as a whole.

It is important for communities to come together and discuss the issues plaguing their cities. Therefore, Help Children in Care, LLC has created this website to not only provide information, but to bring communities together through blogging and forums. On our blog and forum page, we discuss real issues and believe that nothing will change until communities start to talk about issues and possible resolutions to those issues. We appreciate your time, help, and commitment to decreasing the number of children in the foster care system and in DCS care. We are so excited to not only help families, but to gain new lasting partnerships in the community. Again thank you so much for supporting Help Children in Care, LLC.

Over 18,000 kids are in DCS care. What are we doing as a community to help bring that number down?

Studies show that children thrive more when they reside with family members.

Should there be stricter policies for parents to abide by in order to get their children back in their care.