Jamie Gates

Founder & CEO

Greetings, and welcome to Help Children in Care. My name is Jamie Gates and I am the founder and CEO of Help Children in Care, LLC. Thank you so much for visiting our site. I am so pleased to see our organization’s vision come to life. Let me give you a little background about myself. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with a minor in Criminal Justice. I also have a Master’s in Public Administration. I have worked in Public Service for over 5 years. A small portion of that time was with Arizona Department of Child Services (DCS). While working in public service I became passionate about helping at risk children. With DCS having more than 18,000 children in care and DCS workers being extremely overworked, we wanted to come up with an organization that opens up more communication between parents, relatives of children in care, and DCS workers. There is a huge gap in parents getting their children back from DCS care. This organization aims to close that gap while bringing the community together to come up with helpful solutions. This organization also aims to help children in care who do not have parents or relatives to care for them.


Our children are the future of America so it is important to empower them and set them up for success. I know how it feels to have a relative in the care of DCS. When my family tried to find our relative who was caught up in the system it was not an easy task. I searched for information that could help relatives gain useful information about the dependency process and I could find nothing. All information is geared towards parents getting their children back, but what about the children whose parents are not involved or not doing what they need to in order to get their children back. Help Children in Care, LLC supplies some useful information for parents as well as relatives. Again, thank you so much for visiting the site and if you have any suggestions or information you would like to share please send us an email at loreon@helpchildrenincare.com.